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May. 21st, 2007

Moving on

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't posted in a while.  I started an art blog on Blogger a while back and it seems that it's easier for me to talk about art than talk about my "life in general".  As such I will no longer be posting here - please visit me over at my "no so new" blog.

May. 14th, 2007


Scan 12
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I made these for the ATC trade last weekend - I used book pages that I received as a bonus in a mail trade. I added copper tape to provide a little bling - and used alcohol inks on the foil. I tried to make a larger piece using the same material - photo, clear gesso, water-soluble oil pastels, gel pens - and it didn't turn out very well. I just did it on inkjet paper - I think I need to mount them on something first and then start the process.
I've been feeling guilty about not posting. Then I was posting a bucn of stuff to my photoblog and realized I'm totally crazy busy - so not feeling guilty any more!

May. 9th, 2007


Scan 11
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Got some ATCs made for Saturday's trade. Saturday is going to be crazy - we''re having a yard sale, I'm going to ATCs and then a polymer clay group meeting, and finally going to my lovely friend Paula's graduation! Sunday will be spent recovering from all that!

May. 1st, 2007

Paris ATCs 2

Paric ATCs 2
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I always get all stupid and self-doubting when I participate in swaps. These are for a Europe Swap on AAO. They are scans of ephemera that belonged to my great-grandmother that I digitally collaged in Photoshop. Then I felt all inadequate "just" having done digital so I coated them with clear gesso, colored them with water soluble oil pastels and then did some random marks with gel pen. And went around the edges with leafing pens (I edged them before doing the clear gesso - the gesso dulls down the leafing and makes it look more aged)

Apr. 27th, 2007


Originally uploaded by Iconolatrie.
I am creating stuff again. Life has just gotten in the way - and I've been totally blocked. Just started getting in the groove again this week. Today I made a wooden frame out of old fencing wood and I sawed an antler for a piece I'm working on. Ahhhhh - things are finally getting back to normal!

Apr. 11th, 2007

Anyone up for trading?

Originally uploaded by Iconolatrie.
I have a ton of trades leftover from Artfest - my shyness gets in the way of trading. Anyone up for trading - or just receiving? I love these tags soooo much and would love them to go to good homes!

Apr. 10th, 2007


Originally uploaded by Iconolatrie.
a couple of weeks ago - she has more hair now.


Katie's learned how to clap!  And she loves to do it!  Today I turned on the TV and "Dancing with the Stars" was on and she started clapping with the audience.  Too cute.

Apr. 8th, 2007

At Rest at Artfest

At Rest at Artfest
Originally uploaded by Iconolatrie.

I've been back from Artfest for almost a week - and it seems like a distant dream already. Life has crowded in around me and I haven't even had a chance to process much.

I have lots more pics up on my photoblog!  Check them out!

First - I learned sooooo much I had fabulous teachers!! Patricia Seggebruch, Susan Lenart Kazmer, and Stephanie Lee.

Day One with Patricia I learned all about the amazing medium of encaustics - painting with pigmented hot wax. I have used beeswax in collage before - but this is a whole new bag of tricks. I really feel like this might be the direction I want to push myself in. I had soooo much fun and immediately felt comfortable with this medium. It really suits the abstract and textural direction I have been going in.

Day Two with Susan was just as fabulous and just as educational. I have never really made jewelry before and I learned so much! And Susan is such a gifted teacher and has such energy!!! I want to be her when I grow up!

Day Three with Stephanie I was a little fried - and didn't feel like I took in as much as I could have if I'd had the class on Day One. But I did learn some great info on working with plaster and my fave thing of the day was learning how to make molds using Sculpey and then casting things in plaster using the molds. This is something I plan on doing more of in the future!!

Second - I had so much fun with my lovely housemates - Paula, leau_phillips, and Regina. We were all newbies to Artfest - and this was our first time traveling together and we had such a great time. It was like summer camp. We raided the bead store in Port Townsend, took many many pictures, went to the beach, and laughed A LOT!!

Third - I got to meet two of my favorite LJ people brii and bytara!!  I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted to with Tara - (Artfest is more crazy than I expected and more tiring) but I did get to spend a few hours with Bridgette in Seattle and we had a lovely time.  The next time I get to Seattle we'll have to spend more time together - it was way too short!

Fourth - We spent and extra day in Seattle and I loved it!!  It made me somewhat nostalgic for my crazy youth that I spent in Seattle.  But it was bittersweet seeing how much Seattle has changed - it's much more of a "big city" now.  When I lived there it was a big city that hadn't realized it was a big city yet.  There are so many more hi-rise condos and high-end stores - less of the mom and pop places I used to frequent. And the cost of living is hideously expensive.  I'll think we'll be sticking with Albuquerque.  I think it's at the same place that Seattle was 10 years ago.  Things are really started to speed up here - lots of "revitalization", lots of movies being made here, lots of new big business coming in, more public transportation being built.  We're a city on the rise!!

Apr. 7th, 2007

1000 Artist Trading Cards!

Originally uploaded by Iconolatrie.
I'm in this book!! I have 10 ATCs in it and 5 of mine are the very first images in the gallery!!! WOW! Too cool!
I have lots of updating to do but don't know when that's going to happen. Artfest was awesome but seems like a distant memory as Chris had knee surgery on Wednesday. He's attached to a perpetual motion machine for six hours a day for the next two weeks and can't even pick up the kiddos - so we're just muddling through right now.

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